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High Frequency Electronics este o publicație interesantă, care poate fi descărcată gratuit, integral în format PDF. Majoritatea conținutului constă în reclame și pagini cu plasare de produs, dar cele câteva articole de fond din fiecare număr merită osteneala să înveți limba engleză. 😀 Este adresată unui segment de piață limitat și se axează pe tehnologiile SHF, cu o orientare consistentă către domeniul comunicațiilor militare. În această pagină încerc să centralizez informațiile despre cuprins și link-urile către pdf-urile individuale.

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August 2015 | Vol. 14 Nr. 8

High Frequency Electronics - August 2015

p. 12/ In The News – Highlighting additive manufacturing, the SWEEPER program, Richardson Electronics’ Power & Microwave Technologies group, Cree, and more.

p. 16/ Featured Products – Including Triad RF, Southwest Microwave, BeRex, Isolink, RF Bay, Bird Technologies, Pasternack, RLC Electronics, Rohde & Schwarz, Ducommun, Planar Monolithics Industries, SAGE Millimeter.

p. 22/ Impact of Antenna Design, Tune and Match on Wireless Range by Matthew Meiller; Exploring how wireless range can be reduced or optimized through RF and antenna design.

p. 28/ Power Amplifier Testing For 802.11ac – Christopher Ziomek; The design validation, characterization and testing of power amplifiers for 802.11ac.

p. 42/ Product Highlights – Featuring National Instruments, Copper Mountain Technologies, EMWorks, SV Microwave, VidaRF, and more.

p. 58/ Guest Editorial – Keysight’s Mario Narduzzi: Are Modular Solutions What’s Next for RF/Microwave Test Solutions ?

Iulie 2015 | Vol. 14 Nr. 7

High Frequency Electronics - August 2015

p. 12/ In The News – Highlighting the pursuit of high-res imaging of GEO objects, National Instruments, Raytheon, Mini-Circuits, and more.

p. 16/ Featured Products – Including Guerrilla RF, Quonset Microwave, Planar Monolithics Industries, SAGE Millimeter, Skyworks Solutions.

p. 22/ Feature Article – Direct S-Band Phase Modulator for Space Applications, by D.V. Ramana, Sourabh Basu and Jolie. R; The design, simulation, and measured results of an S-band direct phase modulator.

p. 32/ Feature Article – Analysis of Small Voltage Variations Under Large Signal Conditions, by Matthias Beer, Renate Mittermair, Dr. Markus Herdin; Measuring small voltage variations when high voltage components are present is a common challenge.

p. 40/ Product Highlights – Featuring LadyBug Technologies, Renaissance Electronics, Master Bond, evissaP, Z-Communications, and more.

p. 61/ Anniversary – Micro Lambda Wireless celebrated its 25th anniversary at IMS 2015.


DECEMBRIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 12

Logging of RF Power Measurements — By Orwill Hawkins

Leveraging the Use of a Radio Frequency Planning (RFP) Design Tool for Modern System Design — By Malcolm Edwards

Editorial: Focus on Military Communications — Scott L. Spencer Publisher

NOIEMBRIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 11

Power MOSFET “Squegging”: Cause and Cure — By Andre Adrian

Exploring Decimation Filters — By Arash Loloee, Ph.D.

Editorial: Looking Ahead to Microwave Week 2014 — Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

OCTOMBRIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 10

Addressing the Challenges of Radar and EW System Design and Test using a Model-Based Platform — By John Coonrod

Design of a Planar Inverted F Compact Dual Frequency Antenna for Mobile, Wireless> and Automotive Applications — By Pasquale Dottorato

Editorial: Precise Control is Key to Advanced Ion Therapy — Scott L. Spencer Publisher

SEPTEMBRIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 9

An Electrical-Thermal Coupled Solution for SiGe Designs — By Mike Heimlich

A FPGA-Based Replacement for a Network Analyzer in an Instrumentation-Based 200 GHz Radar — By John Mower and Yasuo Kuga

Editorial: Meet Experts, Make Friends — Scott L. Spencer Publisher

AUGUST 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 8

EU Power Limitations on ZigBee-Type Waveforms — By Boris Aleiner

A Power MOSFET SPICE Model with Built-In Model Generator — By Andre Adrian

Editorial: More on Passive Components — Scott L. Spencer Publisher

IULIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 7

Choosing Circuit Materials for Millimeter Wave Applications — By John Coonrod

EMC Simulation of Consumer Electronic Devices — By Andreas Barchanski

Editorial: Sunny in Seattle — Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

IUNIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 6

RF Transistor Large Signal Load Stability (LSLS) Analysis Using EDA Tools — By John Pritiskutch

A Simple Configuration for Replacing Signal Harnesses in Satellites —By Hemanth Kumar S, Murali Bharadwaj N, and Sambasiva Rao V

Editorial: AID and Innovation —Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

MAI 2013 Vol. 12 Nr. 5

Input Third Order Intercept Point for Crystal Filters — By Dennis Layne

LDMOS Power Modules for Two Way Mobile Radios Education —By Alfio Scuto

Editorial: Return to the Emerald City —Scott L. Spencer Publisher

APRILIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 4

Measuring Peak and Pulse Power with USB Power Sensors — Orwill Hawkins

Microwave Engineering Education — Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

Editorial: Spotlight on Passive Components — Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

MARTIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 3

Feasibility of Microstrip Wilkinson Power Dividers on FR4 Substrates for L-Band Applications —Christos Kalialakis

Small Cell Amplifier and
System Design Considerations
— Jean-Christophe Nanan and Barry Stern

Editorial: Moore’s Law Running Strong Nearly 50 Years Later—Scott L. Spencer Publisher

FEBRUARIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 2

RF MEMS Switches: High-Frequency Performance and Hot-Switching Reliability — Tai Wen Jau

MMIC Frequency Doublers — John E. Penn

Editorial: “Duz” Math Count? — Tom Perkins, Senior Technical Editor

IANUARIE 2013 | Vol. 12 Nr. 1

The Future of Instrumentation: The Software Revolution — Matthew Friedman

Design, Construction and Characterization of an IF Processor for the FFT Spectrometer of the Yebes 40 Meter Radio Telescope — José Antonio López-Pérez and David Cuadrado-Calle; Centro Astronómico de Yebes (CAY)

Using Analyst™ to Quickly and Accurately Optimize a Chip-Module-Board Transition— Dr. John Dunn

Editorial: Improving an Information Conduit — Scott L. Spencer Publisher


DECEMBRIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 12

FCC and ETSI Requirements for Short-Range UHF ASK-Modulated Transmitters—Larry Burgess

Transmission Line Transformers: Theory, Design and Applications—Part 1—Chris Trask

Thermal Design for Conduction Cooled Loads—Shirley Hazelett

EDA Tutorial: Guidelines for Successful Simulation Setup—Wilfredo Rivas-Torres

Editorial: What to do When There is no Chip Set or Reference Design—Breed

Technology Report:New Manufacturing Methods Used for High Frequency Electronic Equipment

Ask the Experts

NOIEMBRIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 11

A 2.5 GHz WMAN Radio Demonstration Circuit—J.S. Lee, R. Remba, and M.J. Bailey

GPS LNA Design Made Easy with Enhancement Mode pHEMT MMICs—Eric Chan

SMT Wideband MMIC VCOs Tune from 4 to 12.5 GHz—Mark T. Fallica

Accurate Models Simplify Reference Designs for RFIC Amplifiers—John Capwell, Bill Clausen, Tom Weller and Larry Dunleavy

Tutorial: Analyzing Signals with the Eye Diagram—Gary Breed

Ediorial: In Search of Accurate and Consistent Terminology—Breed

Technology Report: Georgia Tech Study Targets Nanomanufacturing

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OCTOMBRIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 10

A Comparison of Resistive Terminators for High Speed Digital Data Transmission—Jerry Seams

Conditions for Remote Detonation of Explosive Initiators Using RF Energy—W.D. Rawle

Using a Signal Analyzer and MATLAB to Measure ACPR Versus Power—Justin Magers

Tutorial: Basic Information on Using RFIC Foundries—Gary Breed

Ediorial: New Developments—Engineering-Driven or Market-Driven?—Breed

Technology Report: Recent Activity in Satellite Technology and Applications

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SEPTEMBRIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 9

Conditioning and Correction of Arbitrary Waveforms—Part 2: Other Impairments—Mike Griffin and John Hansen

High Capacity Optical Networks using OCDMA and OTDM Techniques—Daniel Lopes, Humberto Abdalla, Jr., and Antonion J.M. Soares

Reference Clock Generation in Sampled Data Systems—Paul Nunn

Tutorial: Wireless USB Uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) for High Data Rate—Gary Breed

Ediorial: Back to School: A Look at Engineering Education—Breed

Technology Report: Optical Technology Uses Electronics and Photonics for Higher Data Rates

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SAW Duplexers Offered in Semiconductor-Style Plastic Packages

AUGUST 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 8

Conditioning and Correction of Arbitrary Waveforms—Part 1: Distortion—Mike Griffin and John Hansen

Tutorial: An update on Features and Performance in Today’s Spectrum Analyzers—Gary Breed

RFID Tutorial: A Radio-Oriented Introduction to RFID—Part 2: Communication Protocols—Daniel M. Dobkin and Titus Wandinger

Ediorial: Do We Really Need Broadband Everywhere Right Now?—Breed

Technology Report: 3G Wireless Rolls Out Slowly; 4G Waits in the Wings

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10 Watt SiC MESFET Designed for WiMAX PA Applications
PC Board Plotter Offers Improved Precision and Control

IULIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 7

Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health: A Review of Sources and Effects—Zamanian and Hardiman

Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators: Part 3—Noise Shifting Techniques—Andrei Grebennikov

Tutorial: Digital Modulation: OFDM Solves Mobility and High Rate Problems—Gary Breed

Ediorial: Controversy Subsides Over Health Effects of RF/Microwaves—Breed

Technology Report: Some Recent Trends in RFIC/MMIC Technology

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IUNIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 6

Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators: Part 2—Low Frequency Loading and Filtering—Andrei Grebennikov

Combination Closed Loop and Vcc Power Control for a GSM/GPRS PA—McCambridge and Whitaker

Tutorial: A Radio-Oriented Introduction to Radio Frequency Identification—Dobkin and Wandinger

Ediorial: RFID Generates Lots of Interest from Users and the RF Industry—Breed

Technology Report: Regulatory Update: Recent FCC Actions

MAI 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 5

Noise Reduction in Transistor Oscillators: Part 1—Resonant Circuits—Andrei Grebennikov

Specifying General Purpose Amplifiers in High Frequency Applications—Gene Heimbecher and Scott Craft

New Connector Field Installations Improve System Reliability—Kevin Moyher

Tutorial: Key Relationships Between Time and Frequency Domains—Gary Breed

Editorial: Success Doesn’t Necessarily Require a „Killer App”

Technology Report: Low Cost Wireless Technologies Enable New Sensor Networks

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Active Mixer Provides High Dynamic Range for Applications to 3.7 GHz
Tactical Telemetry Modules are Designed for Embedded Applications
New PCMCIA Card RFID Reader Delivers 1 Watt Transmit Power
Transceiver Chipset for WiMAX Broadband Wireless Access

APRILIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 4

Spectrum Ananlyzer Noise De-Embeddng—Sam Belkin

RTDX-Base Simulation Tools Support Development of Software-Defined Radio—Robert Davenport

Tutorial: Connector Selection: Looking Upstream from the OEM Equipment—Dale Reed

Editorial: Which Comes First, the Simulation or the Real Circuit?

Technology Report: WiMax/IEEE 802.16 Wireless Broadband Access Nears Deployment

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GSM/GPRS/EDGE Handset SAW Filters Feature Small Size

MARTIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 3

Matching RFIC Transmitters to Small Loop Antennas—Larry Burgess

Evaluating WLAN Design Tradeoffs Using Circuit and System Simulation—Dr. Jaakko Juntunen

Tutorial—IMD Characteristics and Performance Issues in Wide Bandwidth Systems

Editorial: A Little Cheerleading for Creative Wireless Design Solutions

Books: New Books of Interest

Technology Report: Technology Demands Drive Development of Passive Components

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Frequency Multipliers Offered in Carrier or Packaged Form
Outdoor RF Modems Feature Rugged Construction
Laminate is Designed for Microstrip Patch Antenna Applications

FEBRUARIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 2

Broadband SiGe Microwave Control Circuits—Reza Tayrani

A Guide to Microwave Diode Package Styles and Their Performance—Kenneth Philpot

Electromagnetic Stop-Band Network Improves Class F Amplifier Performance—Anna Rudiakova and Vladimir Krizhanovski

Tutorial—Using Advanced EDA Models for Simulation of Circuits and Systems

Editorial: Convergence: It’s Not Just a Buzzword Anymore

TechnologyReport: Recent Standards Activity: 802.16 WirelessMAN™, 802.15 WPAN and ZigBee

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IANUARIE 2005 — Vol. 4 Nr. 1

A Solution for the Design, Simulation and Validation of Board-to-Board Interconnects— McMorrow, Bell and Ferry

Magnetic Materials for Broadband Transmission Line Transformers—Sevick

Tutorial—A Summary of FCC Rules for Ultra Wideband Communications

Editorial: Observations and Predictions at the Start of 2005

Technlogy Report: Military Programs Provide High Frequency Business Opportunities

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